About us

About Us

(Established in 2016)

At just 20 years old, I decided I wanted to start a business. Although I knew it would be a challenge without any experience, my love for automobiles drove my ambition! I had always made it a point to keep vehicles I owned in beautiful condition. I enjoyed that clean sparkle and seeing paint shine with its glass like texture. It made me realize that my passion for cars and maintaining them should be shared with everyone. That is how Advanced Mobile Detailing was born! After developing both working and business experience at a local detailing shop, I felt ready to take on the world. I took the time to research and realized that one particular area of detailing was still very underdeveloped. Thats right, the mobile side. The competition was limited so I took a leap of faith. I quickly got ahold of a van and got to work. Im proud to say that several vears and a thousand plus vehicles later we are still going strong! Now considered among the most trusted mobile detailing companies servicing New England. 


Cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, commercial vehicles, corporate fleets, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and more upon request.


RV’s, campers, coaches, motor homes, tour buses, transportation buses, equestrian trailers, and more upon request.


Private jets, small airplanes, helicopters, and more upon request.


We can maintain your commercial fleet and protect your investments.

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