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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic is the global leader in nanoceramic surface protection technology. Ceramic is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this nanoceramic technology transforms itself into a permanent, durable, and flexible glass shield. Ceramic can be described as an additional but much harder clear coat with self cleaning properties. 

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Silver: 5 year warranty


1 Step polish and full exterior detail

1 Layer of top coat for hydrophobic effects 

1 Layer of ceramic windshield

Gold package: Lifetime warranty


2 step polish to remove scratches and swirls

1 layer of base coat for extreme durability 

1 Extra layer on exposed areas (plastics)

1 Layer of top coat for hydrophobic effects 

1 Layer on rim faces 

1 Layer of ceramic on windshield and front side windows

Platinum package: Lifetime warranty


3 step polish to remove heavy scratches

2 layers of Ceramic Base Coat 

2 layers of Ceramic Top Coat 

2 layers of Ceramic Wheels and Barrels 

1 layer of Ceramic on all windows

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